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Actus Digital provides compliance Logging and intelligent monitoring platform, that goes beyond compliance:

  1. Compliance Logging – including Loudness, SCTE monitoring, multiple audio languages, CC/Subtitles, etc
  2. Technical alerts – no audio, no video, pixelization, frozen image, blue/black screen, Loudness issues, Missing SCTE/CC/Subtitles, and more
  3. OTT monitoring and analysis: multiple probes, MBR,…
  4. Multiviewer – also browser-based
  5. Advanced editing, clipping and export to social/OTT/VOD, including automation
  6. Automatic ads detection and reports
  7. AI options such as speech to text, translation and more.


The solutions of Actus Digital target the broadcasters (engineering, digital media, news, marketing, and research), playout centers, media operators, media regulatory authorities, governments, defense, intelligence units, and more.

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