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TV Markiza OB Van

TV Markíza OB Van, March 2017 In 2017, in co-operation with the German company Broadcast Solutions we successfully completed 16 camera multipurpose OB Van for the private TV broadcaster Markíza.

Technical Specification:
- LAWO mc2 56, Nova73 compact
- 3x Grass Valley K2 Summit for Super Slomo Operations or Ingest (36 Ingest channels in total)
- 3x Grass Valley K2 Dyno S Replay
- Riedel Intercom
- Riedel Video Router
- 10x Grass Valley Camera LDX 80 Première
- 1x Grass Valley LDX 86 XtremeSpeed Camera
- Video Switcher Grass Valley Karrera (3M/E 64IN/32OUT w. 3M/E panel)
- and other ...

2022 4497

National Theatre in Prague - Audio Console

National Theatre in Czech Republic's capital Prague has not only an extraordinary beautiful historical building located on the right bank of the Vltava river, it's got also first-class audio equipment in it.The heart of the National Theatre's audio is a…
2022 5960

Radio Free Europe - 4 IP-native audio consoles

ELEKTRONIKA in partnership with IVC and Lawo has just delivered and configured the largest ecosystem of Lawo audio consoles in SK & CZ region.Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (RFERL) based in Prague has put trust into the fastly evolving next-generation of…
2022 6104

TV Markiza - Broadcast cameras for OB van

In Q1 2022 we delivered to TV Markiza 3 new Grass Valley camera chains (2x single-speed LDX 92, 1x triple-speed LDX 96) including camera heads, fiber adapters, CCUs, viewfinders, OCPs and a large lens adapter. By this purchase Markiza strengthened its OB…
2021 7189

Czech Radio - IP Upgrade

Czech Radio uses Lawo Nova73 and DALLIS technology for 6 years and the time has shown that this robust, thinked-through, in all aspects redundant set of devices was a lucky choice for the mission-critical role of central routing of over 20 radio stations, all…
2021 4057

Czech TV Brno - Audio Consoles

Czech TV Brno broadcasting over 6 years from their new facility has invested in two new Lawo mc2 56mkIII 48-fader consoles sequentially - one in 2020 and another in 2021. This was a logical step to replace their outdated mc2 66 mixing desks but reuse their…
2021 3097

TV Markiza - Wireless Beltpacks

The best advertising is a working product. That's what we learned when we borrowed our Riedel Bolero demo to Markiza OB Van crew and received an order for 2 antennas and 16 beltpacks within just weeks. With spectacular wireless signal coverage area, whether…
2021 2872

Czech TV - VSM Commissioning

In 2021 Czech TV refurbished their flagship OB van HD1. Much of the original technology of 2008 got exchanged, but the forever-young VSM control system by Lawo stayed. Due to its almost unlimited possibilities in terms of communication protocols,…
2021 2889

O2 - Support Van

 In cooperation with HYCA, we designed and supplied a support van for the recently delivered 12-cam OB van. This vehicle provides not only an important storage space for all broadcast equipment necessary for production but also a very convenient dining room…
2021 4249

O2 - 12-Cam OB Van

After 5 years of successful operation of a 16-cam OB van in the most advanced mostly sporting events in Europe, O2 Czech Republic purchased another brand new 12-camera OB van from the trusted partnership of ELEKTRONIKA and a renowned German manufacturer…
2021 3031

RTVS - Audio Production Console

Large, ultimately reliable, future-proof a.k.a. IP-enabled, with extensive yet even expandable I/O system, with integrated advanced musical FX. These were the requirements that RTVS submitted with regard to the audio mixing console for their largest studio…
2021 3480

TV Nova - VSM

In 2020 and 2021 ELEKTRONIKA delivered the latest and one of the largest VSM installations in our region. Integrating 3 extensive SDI routers, multitude of multiviewers, automation and mission-critical MCR main/bypass switching and monitoring of switch state…
2021 3490


Introduction of the 3rd TV channel of RTVS "Trojka" raised the need of a new MCR broadcast chain of playout, switching, branding, audio processing, control and automation. Alongside with that, the existing channels "Jednotka" and "Dvojka" needed an exchange…
2020 2961

TV Markiza - Compact OB Vans

Breaking news? Live remote studio? Scheduled outside broadcast event? For any of these use cases TV Markiza reasonably invested into new small OB vans. The two brand new compact and versatile vans based on VW Transporter T6.1 equipped for instantaneous…
2020 2326

SFZ (Slovak Football Association) - VAR Vans

The recent introduction of video assistent referee (VAR) into international football's Laws of the Game brought a new challenge to Slovak Football Association. In order to bring their GOAL technology wherever needed and secure its instant applicability, they…
2020 2601

RTVS - SDI Router

Hybrid, full-redundant router with smaller footprint. That's Grass Valley Vega 400 that we delivered to RTVS in 2020.Featuring 192 bi-directional slots for SDI interfacing with audio (de)embedding and optional MADI ports, it is an ideal router for mobile…
2020 2606

RTVS - Compliance Recording

By the end of 2020, we delivered a powerful compliance recording system to RTVS, who is as all broadcasters obliged to record its own TV channels and store this for 45 days. We chose a perfect system Actus which offers and ideal feature set for this…

FTV Prima - Lawo VSM, Power Core and V__line in Action

2019 2209
By the end of 2019, one of the strongest Czech TV stations - FTV Prima - moved to a new…

TV Markiza - Filming Studio Renewal

2019 2149
ELEKTRONIKA designed and delivered a reconstruction of TV Markiza's filming facility. The…

TV Markiza - Audio Mixing Consoles

2019 2058
In 2018 & 2019 we delivered two first-class 48-fader Lawo mc2 56mkII consoles to TV…

LAWO Day Czech 2018

2018 8725
LAWO mc96 GRAND PRODUCTION CONSOLE presentation in Czech Republic. 

KBS Seoul / South Korea

2017 14389
LAWO VSM commissioning for upgraded 4K OB Van. We had only 5 days for onsite…

TV Nova OB Van Prague / VSM commissioning

2018 11568
Update of the existing system LAWO VSM. Our client required additional communications and…

TV Markiza OB Van

2017 6855
TV Markíza OB Van, March 2017 In 2017, in co-operation with the German company Broadcast…

Czech TV Brno

2016 7633
In october we successfully managed to finish a project at Czech Telvision Brno. The…


2016 5805
Our goal was to create totally independent MCR, that will be in Stand By mode in case…

O2 OB Van and Support Van

2016 7429
In co-operation with German company Broadcast Solutions, we completed a 16-camera…

Studio for Sládkovičovo University

2015 4852
Complete equipment of new television studio intended for academic purposes. The studio…

Czech TV New Router NVISION

2015 4990
In the end of 2015 we supplied and installed for Czech Television main video router Grass…

Czech TV, 8 Camera HDTV OB Van

Older 6521
Czech Television, 8 cameras HDTV OB Van Used Technology: Grass Valley Cameras: LDK 4000,…

Czech Television, TV technology upgrade to HD in the studios KH1 a KH2

Older 4929
Complete reconstruction of two TV studios in Czech Television Used technology: - Grass…

TA3 Bratislava, DSNG HD OB Van

Older 7011
TA3 Bratislava, DSNG HD OB Van2-kameras DSNG OB Van with satellite antenna Technical…

National Council of Slovak Republic

Older 4880
National Council of Slovak Republic Automated CCTV and Archiving system of National…

Czech TV 16 Cam OB Van

Older 5238
Czech TV 16 Cam OB Van 16 cameras HD OB-Van pre cabled to 20 cameras Used…

Czech TV Praque - 4 Cam OB

Older 4784
Czech TV Praque - 4 Cam OB digital 4 cameras OB vanProject and documentationsystem…

Czech TV Praha and Brno - 2 SNG Vans

Older 4849
Czech TV Praha and Brno - 2 SNG Vans delivery of 2 SNG vansProject and…

Automated CCTV and Archiving system for National Council of Slovakia

Older 5256
Automated CCTV and Archiving system for National Council of SlovakiaProject and…

Project supply and installation of server techology for Czech TV News departament

Older 4660
Project supply and installation of server techology for Czech TV News departamentProject…

MCR for STV Mlynska dolina

Older 4559
MCR for STV Mlynska dolinaMCR modernization- 2. part - MCR VP2

MCR for STV Banská Bystrica

Older 4570
MCR for STV Bánská BystricaMCR modernization Digitalization, Disc recording system

TV Today, New Delhi India

Older 4449
TV Today, New Delhi Indiaproject and installation of TV technology for News departament…

Romania PRO TV - 6 cameras digital OB van

Older 5026
Romania PRO TV - 6 cameras digital OB vanTurnkey delivery of a 6-camera digital OB van…

News department of STS Markíza (delivered at that time as "MEDIAL, družstvo")

Older 4601
Supply and installation of satelite news gathering antennas and equipment for News…

Studio facilities STV Mlynská dolina - realization of 1st digital studio facilities at STV (delivered at that time as "MEDIAL, družstvo")

Older 4712
Studio facilities STV Mlynská dolina - realization of 1st digital studio facilities at…

News department STV Mlynská dolina - 2 studio facilities (delivered at that time as "MEDIAL, družstvo")

Older 4602
Studio facilities STV Mlynská dolina - realization of 1st digital studio facilities at…

Turnkey construction and realization of the studio complex in STV - Štúdio Banská Bystrica (delivered at that time as "MEDIAL, družstvo")

Older 4681
News departament STV Mlynská dolina - 2 studio facilities studio facilitiesRecording…