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Czech TV Brno - Audio Consoles

Czech TV Brno broadcasting over 6 years from their new facility has invested in two new Lawo mc2 56mkIII 48-fader consoles sequentially - one in 2020 and another in 2021. This was a logical step to replace their outdated mc2 66 mixing desks but reuse their Nova73 HD cores with DSP and MADI cards. New mixing surfaces bring lots of new features and enhancements compared to the older versions.

Equipped with 3 mixing consoles, one fully redundant central Nova73 HD core with MADI, RAVENNA and DANTE cards, 5 modular DALLIS stageboxes and one A__mic8, Czech TV Brno utilizes an extensive custom script set which allows for intelligent I/O sharing, rights management, 10 independent red&green on-air groups for studios and cabins and more. All 3 audio mixers are natively integrated with Waves SoundGrid SuperRack realtime effects. This integration includes instant access from the console GUI to SuperRack's screen, label transfer, userbutton integration and recall of SuperRack's sessions and snapshots together with Lawo's production and snapshots.

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November 03, 2022
2022 1426

National Theatre in Prague - Audio Console

National Theatre in Czech Republic's capital Prague has not only an extraordinary beautiful historical building located on the right bank of the Vltava river, it's got also first-class audio equipment in it.The heart of the National Theatre's audio is a…
June 02, 2022
2022 2418

Radio Free Europe - 4 IP-native audio consoles

ELEKTRONIKA in partnership with IVC and Lawo has just delivered and configured the largest ecosystem of Lawo audio consoles in SK & CZ region.Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (RFERL) based in Prague has put trust into the fastly evolving next-generation of…
May 31, 2022
2022 2477

TV Markiza - Broadcast cameras for OB van

In Q1 2022 we delivered to TV Markiza 3 new Grass Valley camera chains (2x single-speed LDX 92, 1x triple-speed LDX 96) including camera heads, fiber adapters, CCUs, viewfinders, OCPs and a large lens adapter. By this purchase Markiza strengthened its OB…
February 11, 2022
2021 3546

Czech Radio - IP Upgrade

Czech Radio uses Lawo Nova73 and DALLIS technology for 6 years and the time has shown that this robust, thinked-through, in all aspects redundant set of devices was a lucky choice for the mission-critical role of central routing of over 20 radio stations, all…