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UPDATED: Lawo @ IBC2022

Lawo has presented some very exciting news about HOME during this year's IBC, make sure to follow up:

  • JT-NM tested HOME's NMOS-04 and -05 compatibility which turns HOME to a beautiful feature-rich NMOS discovery and routing controller as well as enables all devices integrated in HOME to be managed by a 3rd-party NMOS controller
  • Swiss company Merging finished the awaited integration of their HORUS and HAPI analog/IP audio interfaces into HOME and Merging now lives@HOME, which means, that these stageboxes are now seamlessly operable straight from the Lawo mc2 console, including routing and gain control
  • DirectOut has started its integration path to HOME and this will very soon bring additional possibilities of audio I/O for Lawo mc2 users
  • Nova73 will very soon get natively visible in HOME which will allow to bridge the legacy Nova world with the new IP-native world of the most recent Lawo mc2 consoles
  • Rights management will be soon easily visible and operable from HOME GUI

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Lawo with a fireworks display of product launches and debuts at IBC 2022

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